Miami Softball

Miami Softball
I like all the shades of red.

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  1. P.J. October 13, 2006 at 12:03 am #

    As a sports photo nut (and one who does it as often as possible), I really like the shot. A couple of things, somewhat bother me.

    You couldn\'t have done anything here, but man that red background with her uniform is kind of hard. Nothing you can do, but the school should be better about that!! 🙂

    The other is, wondering if you could have gotten a little closer? I\'m a fan of the shots being closer, even if it cuts something out. Seems like you had some space to give at the top and bottom, if needed.

    Great catch though. Action is great. Capturing the ball there is awesome.

  2. Andy@PhotoChron October 10, 2006 at 7:44 pm #

    Nice action pic. 300mm?

  3. Sherri October 10, 2006 at 6:33 pm #

    At first I was so taken by the brilliant coloring that I nearly missed the ball being in the pic. What a great shot!

  4. Phil October 10, 2006 at 3:01 pm #

    Great action shot, excellent timing. I really like the range of reds.

  5. Craig October 10, 2006 at 11:21 am #

    Lovely colours, very vibrant and nice detail.

  6. Intern October 10, 2006 at 10:47 am #

    another great action shot!

  7. DOODLEHEDZ October 10, 2006 at 6:30 am #

    crazy how shiny her helmet is..great action shot….

  8. mar00ned October 10, 2006 at 6:01 am #

    This is nice. You have managed to captured the ball and the action in one frame. Nice red background.

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