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Beach Club Sunset

Beach Club


Sunset at the St James Beach Club on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC  Taken 6-7-2014

After Dinner at the Marina



After dinner photography at the St James Marina and Tommy Thompson’s Grill.  St James, (Brunswick County), NC

Evening at the Marina

Evening at the Marina

It is fun to to see your images big!

StJames Billboard

Have a seat!

Have a seat


Waiting for sunset.  Taken at Woodlands Park in St James (Brunswick County), NC on 2-19-2014

Oceancrest (fisheye) Sunset

Oceancrest Sunset

Waiting for the stars



At Fort Fisher, waiting for the sun to finish and the stars to come out.  Taken at Ft Fisher (New Hanover County, NC) on 2-7-2014

One Tree Hill at Fort Fisher



1TreeHillFF 2


Fort Fisher Historic site, Ft Fisher (New Hanover County, NC), NC Taken on 2-7-2014

Moon over Fort Fisher

Moon Over Ft Fisher


Moon Over Ft Fisher 2


Long Exposure (30 second) images taken at Ft Fisher Historic site in Ft Fisher, NC (New Hanover County, NC) Taken on 2-7-2014

Sunset Light in Black and White – Southport Salt Marsh Walkway and Yacht Basin

Salt Marsh Walkway

Yacht Basin

Sunset at the Southport (Brunswick County), NC Salt Marsh Walkway  - Taken 2-2-2014

Bodie Sunset

Bodie Sunset


Bodie Sunset 2


Bodie Sunset 3


Sunset at Bodie Lighthouse on the North Carolina Outer banks.  Taken 1-26-2014

From the Salt Marsh Boardwalk in Southport

Salt Marsh


From the Southport (Brunswick County, NC)  Salt Marsh Boardwalk, looking to the Yacht Basin.  Taken Dec. 9, 2013 at almost sunset.

Beach Club Sunset!



Sunset at the St James Beach Club on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC

Balanced Rock at Sunset



Balanced Rock at Arches National Park, near Moab Utah at sunset.

Moab Sunset

Moab Sunset


Sunset along the road to Fisher Towers!