Oak Island Lighthouse sunset alignment!

I’ve always found it interesting when color/lunar,/ stars line-up with man made things, like buildings, roads, etc. Here is a small version of Manhattanhenge on Oak Island. Note this happens twice a year, and twice […]


Moon Behind Oceancrest Pier Oak Island NC

I have been trying to photograph the setting (almost full and full) moon behind Oceancrest Pier, Oak Island NC. My goal is to have the moon as it drops into the water with the pier […]



Almost full moon over Oak Island, NC


Green Swamp Milky Way

The Green Swamp area of Brunswick County, NC is a remote area without many homes (and consequently not many lights). I visited an area of the Green swamp this morning (arrival at 4:30am). In this […]


More Cranes Come to the Wilmington Port!

More Cranes Come to the Wilmington Port, moving along the Cape Fear River through Southport, NC on their way to the Wilmington Port!


Pier into the Sky


A Misty Morning in St James


Early Morning River “Traffic”

Container ship traveling on the Cape Fear river in early morning. On the Cape Fear River


Favorite Southport Photo Location

My favorite Southport Photography location is by the old Southport City Dock. This area has been damaged by several storms and the “City” is trying to decide its future.


St James Beach Club Long Exposures

  30 second exposure! (no nd filter) 90 second exposure! (6 stop nd filter) 150 second exposure (10 stop nd filter)   300 second exposure! (10 stop nd filter)


Maine Lighthouses

Maine Lighthouses from a recent trip. I hope to get back to photograph more lighthouses!! Portland Head Lighthouse!   Pemaquid Point Light Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse


Early Morning in Southport

Lots of stars in Southport this morning along the Cape Fear River!


Southport Cape Fear River Piers!

Early morning on the Cape Fear River in Southport!    


Morning at OceanCrest Pier



Watching Sunset