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On the Green Swamp Road



Sunrise at a controlled burn location in the Green Swamp (Brunswick County), NC

Southport Yacht Basin Sunrise





Sunrise at the Southport (Brunswick County), NC Yacht Basin.

Drama at the Oak Island Pier



Oak Island Pier, Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC  After sunrise using Lee Big Stopper for 15 sec exposure

Under Oak Island Pier



Under Oak Island Pier after sunrise,  Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC   Using Lee big Stopper 15 sec exposure.

Frisco Pier – Cape Hatteras National Seashore



Frisco Pier at Sunrise.  Frisco, NC at the Cape Hatteras National Seashore

Outer Banks Sunrise



Sunrise for the Frisco Pier, Frisco, NC in the Cape Hoppers National Seashore.

Caswell Sunrise



Sunrise on Caswell Beach (on Oak Island, Brunswick County), NC

Oak Island Morning Twilight



Morning Twilight on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC near the Ocean Crest Pier

Caswell Twilight



Twilight on Caswell Beach (Brunswick County), NC on Oak Island


Southport Yacht Basin Morning Twilight



The Southport (Brunswick County) Yacht Basin at Morning Twilight.  Revisiting an post a few days ago.  Different angle and light.

Sunrise on the Southport Yacht Basin



Sunrise at the Yacht Basin in Southport (Brunswick County), NC

Quiet St James Walkway



A quiet walkway St James (Brunswick County), NC

Ft Fisher Sunrise Part III



Sunrise at Ft Fisher near Ft Fisher State Park, North Carolina

Fort Fisher Sunrise



Sunrise at Fort Fisher State Park, Ft Fisher, North Carolina.

Fort Fisher Sunrise



Sunrise at Fort Fisher, North Carolina