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St James Sunrise

St James Sunrise



St James Sunrise


Foggy Sunrise at St James (Brunswick County), NC  Taken on April Fools Day

Oak Island Marsh Sunrise

Oak Island Marsh Sunrise



Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC Sunrise over the Marsh.  Taken 3/30/2014

Sunrise on the Inter Coastal Waterway – Two different mornings.

ICW Sunrise 1


Taken Friday 2-21-2012 on the ICW at St James, NC (Brunswick County).  OI had a 15mm wide angle lens with me, and I thought it needed more zoom.  So I planned to come back the next day.


ICW Sunrise 2


Day 2, (2-22-2014) taken from about the same place with a 24-105 taken at 105mm.

Driving into the fire

OKI Light


Taken on 2-16-2014.  Notice the night before that the sun rises almost on the end of the street (kind of a Caswell Beach Road henge), so I drove by at sunrise.  Greeted with a fantastic sunrise.  Actually taken in the town of Caswell Beach, but on Oak Island, NC (Brunswick County)

Drama in the Sky at the Beach Club

Sky Drama


Drama in the Sky at the St James (#stjamesplantation) Beach Club on Oak Island, Brunswick County, NC Taken on 2-16-2014

Sunrise under Oak Island Pier

Under OKI Pier


Sunrise under the Oak Island Pier on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC Taken on 2-14-2014

Kingsley (fisheye) Sunrise

Kingsley Park


Trying out a Sigma 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens.  Sunrise in Kingsley Park, Southport (Brunswick County), NC  Taken on 2-9-2014

Ocean Crest Pier on Oak Island at Sunrise





Ocean Crest Pier on Oak Island(Brunswick County), NC taken on 2-6-2014 – Playing with a fisheye lens from 

ISS Fly Over

ISS Fly Over


International Space Station Fly Over on 1-9-2014 at 6:15 am.



Sunrise at Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach Pier



Sunset Beach Pier 2


Sunrise at Sunset Beach, Brunswick County, NC Taken 12/31/2013

Under Sunset Beach Pier



Sunrise at Sunset Beach Fishing Pier.  Taken on 12/31/2013.

Sunrise in Downtown Southport

Southport Sunrise


Sunrise in downtown Southport (Brunswick County), NC Taken 12-7-2013  Looking down Howe Street toward the Cape Fear River

Southport Marsh Sunrise

Southport Marsh Sunrise 1



Southport Marsh Sunrise 2


Southport Marsh Sunrise 3


Sunrise in Southport (Brunswick County), NC along the marsh walkway. Taken 12-4-2013

Beach Club Sunrise

Beach Club Sunrise


Sunrise at the St James Beach Club on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC  Taken 11-20-2013.  Two image vertical panorama stitched in Photoshop.

Moab Sunrise

Moab Sunrise 1




Moab Sunrise 2



Moab Sunrise 3


Sunrise near Moab, Utah.  La Sal Mountains and the Monitor and Merrimack  Taken at a Monitor and Merrimack View Point.