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Southport Pier



Fishing Pier in Southport (Brunswick County), NC on the Cape Fear River

Foggy Sunset at the Oceancrest Pier on Oak Island





A foggy sunset on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC

Old American Fish Company


Sunday afternoon music at the Old American Fish Company, Southport (Brunswick Co), waterfront, NV  Taken Father’s Day, June 15, 2014


Southport Waterfront Sunrise

Southport Waterfront Sunrise


Sunrise at the Southport, NC (Brunswick County) Waterfront Park,  Taken 5-14-2014

Evening at the Marina

Evening at the Marina

Stars Over Southport

Southport Stars


Stars over Southport (Brunswick County), NC.  Taken on 3/27 at about 5am.  Taken form Southport’s Kingsley Park.

Sunrise on the Inter Coastal Waterway – Two different mornings.

ICW Sunrise 1


Taken Friday 2-21-2012 on the ICW at St James, NC (Brunswick County).  OI had a 15mm wide angle lens with me, and I thought it needed more zoom.  So I planned to come back the next day.


ICW Sunrise 2


Day 2, (2-22-2014) taken from about the same place with a 24-105 taken at 105mm.

Sunrise under Oak Island Pier

Under OKI Pier


Sunrise under the Oak Island Pier on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC Taken on 2-14-2014

Oceancrest (fisheye) Sunset

Oceancrest Sunset

Kingsley (fisheye) Sunrise

Kingsley Park


Trying out a Sigma 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens.  Sunrise in Kingsley Park, Southport (Brunswick County), NC  Taken on 2-9-2014

Ocean Crest Pier on Oak Island at Sunrise





Ocean Crest Pier on Oak Island(Brunswick County), NC taken on 2-6-2014 – Playing with a fisheye lens from 

Starry Nights on Oak Island

OKI Stars


Starry Nights on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC along the Inter coastal waterway

Here comes the storm!

Ocean Crest Pier


Ocean Crest Pier


Ocean Crest Pier on Oak Island before the storm – Taken 1/6/2014 (Frist time out for the year)

Sunrise at Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach Pier



Sunset Beach Pier 2


Sunrise at Sunset Beach, Brunswick County, NC Taken 12/31/2013

Under Sunset Beach Pier



Sunrise at Sunset Beach Fishing Pier.  Taken on 12/31/2013.