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St James Island at Sunrise



Walkway to St james Island at St James (Brunswick County), NC Taken on DEc. 14, 2014  – Using a Canon 70-200 Lens.  Makes the walkway look very short!

Southport Salt Marsh Sunrise



Sunrise from the Southport (Brunswick County), NC Salt Marsh Walkway.  Taken Dec. 13, 2014 about 7:15 am.  It was a little brisk out!

Woodlands Park in St James Sunset



Sunset in Woodlands Park, St James (Brunswick County), NC Taken on Dec 10, 2014

Southport Pier



Fishing Pier in Southport (Brunswick County), NC on the Cape Fear River

Price Lake Sunset in Black and White

Price Lake on the Blue Ridge Parkway


Sunset at Price Lake on the Blue Ridge Parkway near Boone, NC

Price Lake Stars on the Blue Ridge Parkway



Blue Ridge Parkway – Price Lake at the Milky Way starts to rise.  (left side over trees) taken on August 23.

Juniper Creek in Black and White

Juniper Creek BW


Juniper Creek, Deep in Brunswick CO, NC

Milky Way Rising over Juniper Creek

Milky Way Rising

Milky Way Rising over Juniper Creek *Brunswick County, NC Taken 6-18-2014

Southport Waterfront Sunrise

Southport Waterfront Sunrise


Sunrise at the Southport, NC (Brunswick County) Waterfront Park,  Taken 5-14-2014

Woodlands Sunrise



Woodlands Park in St James, (Brunswick County), NC  Taken on 5/3/2014).  I was working on dark to sunrise Timelapse, when I had camera battery issues.  Timelapse failed, but got a few great surmise images.

Have a seat!

Have a seat


Waiting for sunset.  Taken at Woodlands Park in St James (Brunswick County), NC on 2-19-2014

Kingsley (fisheye) Sunrise

Kingsley Park


Trying out a Sigma 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens.  Sunrise in Kingsley Park, Southport (Brunswick County), NC  Taken on 2-9-2014

Waiting for the stars



At Fort Fisher, waiting for the sun to finish and the stars to come out.  Taken at Ft Fisher (New Hanover County, NC) on 2-7-2014

Starry Nights at Kingsley Park

_MG_8424.jpg_MG_8435.jpg_MG_8525-Edit.jpgKingsley Star Trails 2.jpg

Night Photography at Southport (Brunswick County), NC Kingsley Park taken 1/14 and 1/18/2014

From the Salt Marsh Boardwalk in Southport

Salt Marsh


From the Southport (Brunswick County, NC)  Salt Marsh Boardwalk, looking to the Yacht Basin.  Taken Dec. 9, 2013 at almost sunset.