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Caswell Twilight



Twilight on Caswell Beach (Brunswick County), NC on Oak Island


A Seaside Afternoon





Afternoon at the Seaside Swimming Pool at St james (Brunswick County), NC

Stars over Caswell Beach



Milky Way Selfie form Caswell Beach (brunswick County ) on Oak Island, NC

Milky Way over St James Plantation



A six image panorama of the arch of the Milky Way over St James (Brunswick County), NC

St James Marina Sunset





Sunset at the St James (Brunswick County), NC Marina

Marina Evening Twilight





Evening twilight at the St James (Brunswick County), NC marina.

Sunrise on the Southport Yacht Basin



Sunrise at the Yacht Basin in Southport (Brunswick County), NC

St James Star Trails



Star Trails over St james (Brunswick County), NC at the Polly Gully path.

Quiet St James Walkway



A quiet walkway St James (Brunswick County), NC

A drive in the country



A drive on a Brunswick County backroad.

Moon over St James



Full Moon as seen from Waterway Park in St James (Brunswick County), NC

ISS Over Oak Island



International Space Station Flies Over Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC  (six images merged together with gaps removed.)

Ft Fisher Sunrise Part III



Sunrise at Ft Fisher near Ft Fisher State Park, North Carolina

Fort Fisher Sunrise



Sunrise at Fort Fisher State Park, Ft Fisher, North Carolina.

Fort Fisher Sunrise



Sunrise at Fort Fisher, North Carolina