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Oak Island Sunset at the Pier!



Sunset at the Ocean Crest Pier on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC


Under Oceancrest Pier (part 2)



Sunrise under Oceancrest Pier on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC

Under Oceancrest Pier



Sunrise under Oceacrest Pier on Oak Island (Brunswick County)

Oak Island May Moore Park

_MG_7157_HDRMay Moore Park (north end of Barbee Rd) in Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC

Southport Salt Marsh Sunrise



Sunrise from the Southport (Brunswick County), NC Salt Marsh Walkway.  Taken Dec. 13, 2014 about 7:15 am.  It was a little brisk out!

Southport Pier



Fishing Pier in Southport (Brunswick County), NC on the Cape Fear River

Juniper Creek Milky Way



Taken at NC Game Land Juniper Creek in Brunswick County, NC.

Juniper Creek by Moonlight

Juniper Creek


Juniper Creek, NC Gameland at 8pm.  Full moon Of NC211 near Brunswick/Columbus County borders



Southport Sunrise – St James POA Photo Contest winner in Scenery Category



Southport Sunrise – taken in Southport, NC (Brunswick County) .  1st place in the St James POA Photo contest – Scenery.

Driving into the fire

OKI Light


Taken on 2-16-2014.  Notice the night before that the sun rises almost on the end of the street (kind of a Caswell Beach Road henge), so I drove by at sunrise.  Greeted with a fantastic sunrise.  Actually taken in the town of Caswell Beach, but on Oak Island, NC (Brunswick County)

Oceancrest (fisheye) Sunset

Oceancrest Sunset

Kingsley (fisheye) Sunrise

Kingsley Park


Trying out a Sigma 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens.  Sunrise in Kingsley Park, Southport (Brunswick County), NC  Taken on 2-9-2014

One Tree Hill at Fort Fisher



1TreeHillFF 2


Fort Fisher Historic site, Ft Fisher (New Hanover County, NC), NC Taken on 2-7-2014

Sunset Light in Black and White – Southport Salt Marsh Walkway and Yacht Basin

Salt Marsh Walkway

Yacht Basin

Sunset at the Southport (Brunswick County), NC Salt Marsh Walkway  – Taken 2-2-2014

From the Salt Marsh Boardwalk in Southport

Salt Marsh


From the Southport (Brunswick County, NC)  Salt Marsh Boardwalk, looking to the Yacht Basin.  Taken Dec. 9, 2013 at almost sunset.