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Oak Island Pier Stars

Oak Island Pier at night


Oak Island Pier at night


Oak Island Pier at night – Taken on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC on 1-31-2014  —  The sodium vapor lights give a bizarre green on daylight white balance.   Still working on the white balance for these images.  When with BW for now.  More later.



Mattamuskeet Lodge

Mattamuskeet Lodge 1


Mattamuskeet Lodge 2


Mattamuskeet Lodge 3


Mattamuskeet Lodge 4


Mattamuskeet Lodge.Former Lodge for Canada Geese hunters, until migratory paths changed.  Turned in to a pumping station for emptying nearby waterways.  Now being transformed back in to a Lodge.  They are not yet to the point of taking reservations (nor will they be in the near future).  Taken 1-26-2014 while on the way to the NC Outer Banks.

A Kingsley Morning

Kingsley Morning


A cloudy sunrise at Kingsley Park in Southport (Brunswick County), NC Taken 10/13/2013

A Visit to Orton Pond – 2

Orton Pond Lillie


Orton Pond Lillie


Orton Pond Lillie



Water Lilies at Orton Pond, Near Southport, NC in Brunswick County, NC on July 31, 2013.  Look so peaceful, but look at the previous post!

Chew Mail Pouch

Looked, but could not find the Burma Shave signs.