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Southport Salt Marsh Sunrise

  Sunrise from the Southport (Brunswick County), NC Salt Marsh Walkway.  Taken Dec. 13, 2014 about 7:15 am.  It was a little brisk out!


Southport Pier

  Fishing Pier in Southport (Brunswick County), NC on the Cape Fear River


Southport Sunrise – St James POA Photo Contest winner in Scenery Category

  Southport Sunrise – taken in Southport, NC (Brunswick County) .  1st place in the St James POA Photo contest – Scenery.


Old American Fish Company

Sunday afternoon music at the Old American Fish Company, Southport (Brunswick Co), waterfront, NV  Taken Father’s Day, June 15, 2014  


Southport Waterfront Sunrise

  Sunrise at the Southport, NC (Brunswick County) Waterfront Park,  Taken 5-14-2014


Stars Over Southport

  Stars over Southport (Brunswick County), NC.  Taken on 3/27 at about 5am.  Taken form Southport’s Kingsley Park.


Kingsley (fisheye) Sunrise

  Trying out a Sigma 15mm f/2.8 fisheye lens.  Sunrise in Kingsley Park, Southport (Brunswick County), NC  Taken on 2-9-2014


Sunset Light in Black and White – Southport Salt Marsh Walkway and Yacht Basin

Sunset at the Southport (Brunswick County), NC Salt Marsh Walkway  – Taken 2-2-2014


Starry Nights at Kingsley Park

Night Photography at Southport (Brunswick County), NC Kingsley Park taken 1/14 and 1/18/2014


Moon over the Cape Fear

  A day before the full moon.  Moon over the Cape Fear River in Southport (Brunswick County), NC.  Taken from Kingsley Park on 1/14/2014


Southport Salt Marsh Sunrise

  WoW!  17 degrees out.  Cold for Coastal North Carolina.  Taken on the Southport (Brunswick County, NC) Salt Marsh Walkway on 1-7-2014


From the Salt Marsh Boardwalk in Southport

  From the Southport (Brunswick County, NC)  Salt Marsh Boardwalk, looking to the Yacht Basin.  Taken Dec. 9, 2013 at almost sunset.


Sunrise in Downtown Southport

  Sunrise in downtown Southport (Brunswick County), NC Taken 12-7-2013  Looking down Howe Street toward the Cape Fear River


Southport Marsh Sunrise

        Sunrise in Southport (Brunswick County), NC along the marsh walkway. Taken 12-4-2013


Kingsley Sunrise

      Sunrise in Kingsley Park, Southport (Brunswick County), NC Taken on 10-27-2013   A severely clear morning!