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Founder’s Day Fireworks


Fireworks at St James Founder’s Day celebration, July 1, 2014

Milky Way Rising over Juniper Creek

Milky Way Rising

Milky Way Rising over Juniper Creek *Brunswick County, NC Taken 6-18-2014

Old American Fish Company


Sunday afternoon music at the Old American Fish Company, Southport (Brunswick Co), waterfront, NV  Taken Father’s Day, June 15, 2014


St James Beach Club Moonset



Moonset at the St. James Beach Club on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC Taken on  Friday the 13th, of June, 2014


Light illuminates, Shadows define — Player’s Club Sunrise


Light illuminates, shadows define – Player’s Club Golf Curse, St James (Brunswick County), NC Taken 6-7-2014

Beach Club Sunset

Beach Club


Sunset at the St James Beach Club on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC  Taken 6-7-2014

After Dinner at the Marina



After dinner photography at the St James Marina and Tommy Thompson’s Grill.  St James, (Brunswick County), NC

Oak Island Beach Sunrise

Oak Island Sunrise


Oak Island Sunrise.  Taken at the St James Beach Club on Oak Island, (Brunswick County), NC

Oak Island Marsh Sunrise

Oak Island Marsh Sunrise


Taken in 2012 along the old Oak Island Bridge over the ICW.  Using this as a image to play with Photoshop Textures.  Using Adobe Paper Texture Pro in Photoshop CC.  Thanks Mark Johnson.

Southport Waterfront Sunrise

Southport Waterfront Sunrise


Sunrise at the Southport, NC (Brunswick County) Waterfront Park,  Taken 5-14-2014

As time goes by – Oak Island Stars

Woodlands Sunrise



Woodlands Park in St James, (Brunswick County), NC  Taken on 5/3/2014).  I was working on dark to sunrise Timelapse, when I had camera battery issues.  Timelapse failed, but got a few great surmise images.

Adding a little extra light!



Milky Way from the west end of Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC taken on 4/26/2014


Milky way from Oak Island

Oak Island Milky Way

Evening at the Marina

Evening at the Marina