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On the Green Swamp Road



Sunrise at a controlled burn location in the Green Swamp (Brunswick County), NC

Southport Yacht Basin Sunrise





Sunrise at the Southport (Brunswick County), NC Yacht Basin.

Drama at the Oak Island Pier



Oak Island Pier, Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC  After sunrise using Lee Big Stopper for 15 sec exposure

Under Oak Island Pier



Under Oak Island Pier after sunrise,  Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC   Using Lee big Stopper 15 sec exposure.

Stars over St James



Milky Way Over St James (Brunswick County), NC

Stars over Oak Island



Milky Way rising over Oak Island (brunswick County), NC  Looking toward the ocean!

Beach Club Sunset



Sunset at the St James Beach Club on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC.  Love the clouds!

Backyard Photography



My annual flower/macro shot.  St James (Brunswick County), NC

St James Beach Club Sunset



Sunset at the St James (Brunswick County) Beach Club on Oak Island, NC

Oak Island Stars



Stars over Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC near Ocean Crest Pier.


Caswell Sunrise



Sunrise on Caswell Beach (on Oak Island, Brunswick County), NC

Oak Island Morning Twilight



Morning Twilight on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC near the Ocean Crest Pier

Lights Out Southport



On May 27 at 11:30 pm Southport (Brunswick County), NC turned of all the electricity to the town for 2 hours of system maintenance.  No street lights, no traffic lights.  Lots of opportunity for unique images.  Normally several street lights would have made this image much less interesting.  Still lots of light form the Moon.

Caswell Twilight



Twilight on Caswell Beach (Brunswick County), NC on Oak Island


A Seaside Afternoon





Afternoon at the Seaside Swimming Pool at St james (Brunswick County), NC