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Beach Day

Beach Day


Beach day.  Oak Island (Brunswick County, NC)at the St James Beach Club.

St James Beach Club Moonset



Moonset at the St. James Beach Club on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC Taken on  Friday the 13th, of June, 2014


Beach Club Sunset

Beach Club


Sunset at the St James Beach Club on Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC  Taken 6-7-2014

After Dinner at the Marina



After dinner photography at the St James Marina and Tommy Thompson’s Grill.  St James, (Brunswick County), NC

Oak Island Beach Sunrise

Oak Island Sunrise


Oak Island Sunrise.  Taken at the St James Beach Club on Oak Island, (Brunswick County), NC

Bodie at Night

Bodie at Night


Bodie Lighthouse at night.  Bodie Lighthouse is on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, near Nags Head, NC.

Sky Drama at Bodie Lighthouse

Bodie during the storm


Looking for stars and I got lightning.  Bodie Lighthouse  in the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, Nags Head (isn), NC in the NC Outer Banks,

Bodie Light

Bodie Light


Spent a few days at the NC Outer Banks.  Weather did not fit with my original plans!

As time goes by – Oak Island Stars

Adding a little extra light!



Milky Way from the west end of Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC taken on 4/26/2014


Milky way from Oak Island

Oak Island Milky Way

Evening at the Marina

Evening at the Marina

Starry Nights on Oak Island

Oak Island Stars


The Milky Way over west end Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC.   Taken on 3/31 at about 5-6 am.

Oak Island Marsh Sunrise

Oak Island Marsh Sunrise



Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC Sunrise over the Marsh.  Taken 3/30/2014

Oak Island Lighthouse Startrails – Part 1

OKI Light Startrails


Shooting startrails at the Oak Island Lighthouse on Oak Island (but in the town of Caswell Beach).  Need to work on the placement of the north star (the center of the star circles) compared to the lighthouse.  Also need to work on more detail in the lighthouse light.  A work in progress.  Taken on 2-22-2014 (80 30 second f/4, ISO 400 images stacked with Starstax)