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June 2019 Full Moon

A few images form the June 2019 Full Moon. All taken on Oak Island NC with either Oceancrest Pier or the new Oak Island Pier


Southport Sunrise

iPhone 7 and Snapseed.


Oceancrest Sunrise

Morning at Oceancrest Pier on Oak Island. While there at sunrise, the sun was a “no show”, but the light was nice.


Southport Yacht Basin Sunrise

This location sone of my favorite places in Southport for morning photography. Great views of the Yacht Basin, the Marsh, the Oak Island Lighthouse, and a falling down dock (soon to be replaced), and a […]


Work in Progress


Watching the Stars!

Oak Island (Brunswick County), NC


Marina Evening!

St James Marina about 20 minutes after sunset Boats every where at sunset.


Light up the night!


Date Night


Oak Island Point Milky Way

3am Milky Way as seen from the west end of Oak Island, NC


Oak Island Lighthouse sunset alignment!

I’ve always found it interesting when color/lunar,/ stars line-up with man made things, like buildings, roads, etc. Here is a small version of Manhattanhenge on Oak Island. Note this happens twice a year, and twice […]


Moon Behind Oceancrest Pier Oak Island NC

I have been trying to photograph the setting (almost full and full) moon behind Oceancrest Pier, Oak Island NC. My goal is to have the moon as it drops into the water with the pier […]



Almost full moon over Oak Island, NC


Green Swamp Milky Way

The Green Swamp area of Brunswick County, NC is a remote area without many homes (and consequently not many lights). I visited an area of the Green swamp this morning (arrival at 4:30am). In this […]


More Cranes Come to the Wilmington Port!

More Cranes Come to the Wilmington Port, moving along the Cape Fear River through Southport, NC on their way to the Wilmington Port!